bridal number one

Since this is a friend and my first and only bridal attempt for what will surely be a long time, blog post it is. So, here (after an excruciatingly long delay) is Mrs. Sarah Waggoner (yep, that one). Special thanks to Amelia Kate Photography for letting me ambush her session for some personal practice. Seriously, and if you prefer facebook, her page is just as spectacular as her website. ** due to circumstances, all images taken on a Canon 100mm 2.8L macro.

waggoner_0005 waggoner_0114 waggoner_0125 waggoner_0135 waggoner_0150 waggoner_0151 waggoner_0157 waggoner_0165_1 waggoner_0168_1 waggoner_0204 waggoner_0250 waggoner_0284 waggoner_0287 waggoner_0289 waggoner_0291 waggoner_0293 waggoner_0296 waggoner_0297 waggoner_0300 waggoner_0302_1 waggoner_0304_1 waggoner_0308 waggoner_0316 waggoner_0325 waggoner_0334 waggoner_0340_1 waggoner_0362_1 waggoner_0365_2 waggoner_0369 waggoner_0397 waggoner_0406 waggoner_0411 waggoner_0427 waggoner_0441 waggoner_0444 waggoner_0445_1 waggoner_0457 waggoner_0460


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