family: buchler

Maybe I will get around to posting all of my fall sessions and the rest of what I’ve been up to between shoots and editing before baby comes. Maybe. He is due in 2.5 weeks so I likely have 3.5 to get everything done before his arrival, can I do it?

Here is one of my fall sessions that I absolutely adore. This family was so fun and hilarious, seriously, if you are anything like these 3 please contact me for a session. I could do this

Buchler_0558bw Buchler_0515 Buchler_0467_1 Buchler_0446 Buchler_0440bw Buchler_0387 Buchler_0365bw Buchler_0316 Buchler_0299 Buchler_0284bw Buchler_0247 Buchler_0228 Buchler_0172 Buchler_0149 Buchler_0123 Buchler_0117 Buchler_0101 Buchler_0058 Buchler_0024_1 Buchler_0011 Buchler_0015bw Buchler_0006