happy world breastfeeding week

It’s true, I am one of those intensely pro breastfeeding mom weirdos who support nursing PAST a year. Whoa, there, I said it. Unfortunately for me, Aspen wasn’t, and had herself completely weaned at 15 months -tear-. Nonetheless, when it comes to me, breastfeeding is the one and only choice. When it comes to you, whatever is right for you is best, I’m here to support not judge, degrade or belittle. My sisters, my closest friends and I are all divided, and that is absolutely wonderful! I love that we are free to make choices best for us, isn’t it great? Maybe I should share a little each day through August 7th about my own nursing experience, what I learned, my nursing idol (my sister Vonnita, wait til you hear). Would anyone be interested in that? And if you are interested in or struggling with breastfeeding, shoot me an email! I am really good at being supportive :)

In the meantime, here is my sweet friend Jessica who I talked into letting me take a few modest nursing photos of her and her precious Caroline.

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