maternity: baxter

Siri is a very special mama to me. Before I ever met her, she commented me just to tell me she liked my work and wanted me to do her maternity and newborn photos… when she conceived. She wasn’t even pregnant yet! It was so sweet, and when it was time to take their maternity pics we had a ton of fun getting to know each other and playing with their pups. Thank you Lance and Siri for letting me part of this special time (and for letting me play with a few different styles).

baxter maternity_0004_1

baxter maternity_0013 baxter maternity_0021

baxter maternity_0072 baxter maternity_0100 baxter maternity_0116 baxter maternity_0141 baxter maternity_0201 baxter maternity_0209 baxter maternity_0275 baxter maternity_0288 baxter maternity_0330 baxter maternity_0372 baxter maternity_0394 baxter maternity_0396 baxter maternity_0408 baxter maternity_0421 baxter maternity_0447 Untitled_Panorama1


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