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It is amazing how different nursing can be the second time around, or I imagine with each subsequent baby.

Everett is hungry, and huge. At four months old, he weighs what Aspen weighed at one year. He’s such a good eater, I haven’t had any discomfort with engourgement or felt the need to pump at all. Unfortunately, that means I don’t have any supply on hand for those inevitable times we’ll be apart or for example when I got the stomach flu and couldn’t keep any food or fluids down for an entire day, greatly depleting his food supply also.

In searching for a way to recover from my illness and have an emergency supply on hand, I came across Mrs. Patel’s, maker of treats and teas for nursing mothers. Before I start, know that I only talk about products I actually use and love, I don’t do it for profit.

I got this package so I could try it all: chocolate, peanut butter and original fenugreek bars, chai spice milk water tea and munch crunch seed blend. I can’t even believe how good everything was, how well it worked or how much better I felt after using everything for a couple days!

mrs. patel's fenugreek bars

With no other changes to my diet, water intake or pumping schedule, I went from pumping 1.5 oz after Everett’s first feeding of the day to 5 oz consistently. I loved all the bars, but the chocolate was my favorite thanks to the hint of ancho chili, I love chili with chocolate!  I would also catch myself (and Aspen) snacking on the munch crunch a little more often than necessary, the flavor is sort of nutty with a little bit of lemon. The loose leaf tea has two brewing methods, one that produces a milder flavor and one that is a much more concentrated version. I loved the regular steeping method for daily use and did the concentrated method for the first couple days to kick start my supply. I added honey with both for a little sweetness and pretended I knew how to read tea leaves at the end.

mrs. patel's teas and treats for nursing moms

The recipes are based on natural Ayurveda traditions that have been used for centuries in India. They also offer specific benefits to new mothers, aiding in post partum healing! I prefer a naturopathic approach when applicable, especially while nursing, and have tried chocking down 12 fenugreek capsules a day or somehow not gagging when taking 20 droplets of tincture 4 times a day. Mrs. Patel’s is by far my recommended method for increasing milk supply and aiding in post partum healing, it works and using the products is actually enjoyable!

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