newborn: neyden

Our friends Phil and Casie had their son Liam a month after Aspen was born, and shortly after I found out I was due with baby number two in March, we found out Phil and Casie were also expecting and due in April– a month later! Four sweet babies, all on the same timeline :) Neyden was so good to me, I loved taking his photos and snuggling with him while these awesome parents handled the craziness swirling around us (via Aspen, Everett and our pup Darwin). Thank you two!

IMG_0792_0008 IMG_0803_0019 IMG_0815_0031 IMG_0820_0036

IMG_0830_0046 IMG_0832_0048 IMG_0843_0059 IMG_0853_0069 IMG_0860_0076 IMG_0863_0079 IMG_0875_0091 IMG_0886_0102_1 IMG_0896_0112 IMG_0910_0126

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