I’m looking for who I am in all of my photos. I don’t mean personally, but as a photographer. I think I know, but so many people inspire me, and so many styles I adore. This weekend it was light, and then Sarah Waggoner Photography.

Light: My studio is changing, the light comes in earlier in the day, and I have to get creative to still make it useable. Headband by Adam’s Blankie

Aspen02 Aspen01

Sarah: I love her. I mean, as a photographer and as a person. This week she introduced me to freelensing, which I can’t say I’ve mastered (honestly I think I stumbled into this somewhat useable image) but I can see some possibilities in my future. I am mostly excited about expanding my creativity and getting out of the tack sharp rut I feel I am in. Maybe I’m a focal plane bender. Isn’t my husband sweet to let me practice on him?