miscellaneous monday no.2

It has been over a year since I last visited Oregon, and I just today went through and culled, edited and saved my favorite images from my trip. I figured since I will be returning to visit in less than two weeks, I should probably get it done. New rule, must complete photos from last trip before next.

For your viewing pleasure, Aspen, my niece and nephew, and my cousins.


oregon coast_0158

oregon coast_0167

oregon coast_0223

oregon coast_0295

oregon coast_0323

oregon coast_0396

oregon coast_0403

oregon coast_0410

oregon coast_0453

oregon coast_0461

oregon coast_0463

oregon coast_0501

oregon summer_0007

oregon summer_0024

oregon summer_0027

oregon summer_0067

oregon summer_0264

oregon summer_0337

oregon summer_0422

oregon summer_0450

oregon summer_0512

oregon summer_0589

oregon summer_0627

oregon summer_0653

oregon summer_0738

oregon summer_0745

oregon summer_0757