Wedding Cheese Cake Installmentwith The TomKat Studio and California Milk Advisory Board

This post is sponsored by California Milk Advisory Board.

Wedding trends are always changing and we love seeing what new, fabulous ideas that brides, grooms and planners are coming up with each season. One thing that we really love that seems to be becoming very popular is unique food installments and displays. So, when the California Milk Advisory Board approached us to partner on creating a few fun ideas for incorporating dairy in wedding food displays, we jumped on board. The first creative idea we are sharing is a Cheese Wheel Cake. Real California cheese is available in so many varieties and this concept is so easy to create.

cheese wheel cake with labels

Tip #1: When selecting the cheese wheels, be sure to consider sizes, texture and color.

Tip #2: Dress up the cheese wheels using flowers, succulents or fresh fruit and nuts.

Tip #3: For a perfect finishing touch, add simple calligraphy tags to label each layer of cheese.

camembert cheese with jalepenos - tomkat studio
When it’s time to serve the cheese, there are several ways you can deconstruct and beautifully display the various flavors. Each layer can be placed on it’s own cutting board, with complimentary foods like nuts, fruit, meat or spreads. Mix in wood and marble trays, various knives and greenery on the table to create interest.

wedding cheese wheel cake - tomkat studio

cheese board wedding - tomkat studio

blue cheese wedding display - tomkat studio
Another idea is to create a unique fork display using shallow wooden boxes. Cut cheese into small bite-size pieces, place on forks and add complimentary flavored items. Use craft foam to hold the upright forks in place and cover with coarse salt for a clean finish.

cheese fork wedding display idea - tomkat studio

cheese fork wedding display - tomkat studio
Another eye-catching way to display and serve the cheese, is to place the bite-size pieces in glass terrariums hanging from tree branches. This visually pleasing installation will be an instant conversation starter. Be sure to offer crackers and other accompaniments underneath the hanging display.

terrariums with cheese - wedding display

It is really simple to create an interesting, unique cheese display for your wedding or event!

For more information about California dairy products, including milk and cheese, visit the California Milk Advisory Board website here.

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